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NM4SAFETY – Strengthening knowledge and competencies of Nurse Managers for a Safe care environment

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Although patient safety is a fundamental principle of health care, a significant number of patients are often unintentionally injured whilst receiving health care, resulting in permanent injury, disability, longer length of hospital stay, death. Nurses have a central role in promoting patient safety in care settings. Nurse managers are challenged to create nurse work environments that support the nurses in ensuring a safe and high-quality care. To manage these challenges, nurse managers need a broad range of knowledge.


To improve the quality of nursing working environment as the key factor capable of ensuring patient safety by strengthening the knowledge and competences of nurse managers on strategies to minimise missed nursing care, errors of omission or inappropriate rationing of nursing care. Intellectual Outputs (IO): IO1) Development of a professional toolkit including a set of tools that learners/managers will be able to use in their daily practice to review the concepts learnt, to strengthen the skills and for the evaluation IO2) Development of the curriculum and contents that will be used in the blended learning activities IO3) Development of the online platform including networking opportuni-ties and access to the elearning course and the live teaching course IO4) Implementation and evaluation of the blended learning that will be tested in 20 NM in each country Nutzen / Ergebnisse: Exchange of knowledge among the involved five involved insitutions. Expected impact on the learners/nurse managers (a) in-depth knowledge about the features that characterize a high-quality nurse work environment, incl. strategies to design it, (b) better management and planning of human resources, (c) in-depth knowledge about patient safety culture and initiating a cultural change to increase the quality of nursing care and patient safety.

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