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Integrating Cyber Physical Systems - Service Robotic

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The integration of "cyber-physical systems" into the service ecosystems and processes of facility services and facility management "FM" represents a future challenge that we are already dealing with today at the research level.
In this project we want to investigate how far the first generation of humanoid service robots can be integrated into the FM world and for which service processes these are able to contribute in the short, medium and long term. The main focus is on the use of "Active & Assisted Living" in organisations / companies as well as in private households. This is to be done in cooperation with application partners from practice and service providers (application developers and / or FM service providers) who have an entrepreneurial interest in the use of service robots in the medium to long term. In a further step, possible FM-related fields of application and areas of application will be identified where service value can already be generated in the short to medium term, taking into account the relevant economic parameters. A key component in this research and development project is likely to be to investigate which obstacles, difficulties and challenges arise in the integration of current and future service robots into FM service processes and, building on this, to develop both generic and specific solution approaches for existing and new service ecosystems.