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Sustainability incubator

Gardens for research, education and the public

future landscapes (Monica Ursina Jäger)

At a glance

  • Project leader : Dr. Petra Bättig-Frey
  • Deputy of project leader : Rahel Skelton
  • Project budget : CHF 153'270
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Other (Gemeinnütziger Fonds Kanton Zürich (ehemals Lotteriefonds Kanton Zürich))
  • Project partner :
  • Contact person : Petra Bättig-Frey


Sustainability should not remain an abstract buzzword. Using innovative communication methods, with interactions between the population and research and with opportunities for open dialogue is to be brought to life in the incubator on Campus Grüental. There, the population has the opportunity to inform themselves, contribute their views and contribute to a broad-based discussion of values. In return, the concerns and needs, questions and fears enrich research and motivate researchers to search for socially relevant, innovative solutions. The "sustainability incubator" thus becomes an incubator where new ideas fall under protected conditions on fertile ground, where ideas ferment, change, spread, grow and then set out to trigger new sustainable processes in society.

Results of this project:

  • Two new gardens for teaching, research and the public will be designed. For detailed objectives of the two gardens, see the concept of the ground garden and the concept of the landscapes of the future.
  • New events, new guided tours and new offers for various target groups are being developed.
  • A concept is being developed to ensure the long-term operation of the sustainability incubator.