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As part of the European research project, a standard software was developed for the easy and rapid implementation of skills assessments and mediation platforms for older people.By recording the experiences of older people, transparency is created on the labour market about the unused experience and human capital. If this pool of experience is opened up in business, this will counteract the shortage of skilled workers, among other things. Employment also supports social inclusion, promotes health and enables older people to earn (additional) income, even after retirement.Four different pilot applications were implemented and tested in four European countries. More than 200 potential end-users were involved in various phases of the project throughout its duration. In Switzerland, a large insurance company will give older employees the opportunity to use their experience temporarily in other areas of the company. In Hungary, members of a senior knowledge management network are to be deployed in consulting mandates after their retirement. The Italian pilot tested the use of the platform in a cooperative with the aim of reintegrating older unemployed people into the world of work. In Austria, the standard software has been adapted so that the platform can be used in a Tyrolean community as a time bank for neighbourly help.The successful use of the four pilot applications demonstrates the strengths of the standard software: scalable, flexibly adaptable and expandable.An innovative element of the solution is the Skills Assessment, which records the experiences of older people. Not only hard skills from previous professional activities are recorded, but also experiences from family activities, leisure activities or voluntary work. In addition, soft and passion skills are also recorded. Soft Skills are competences in dealing with other people, in leadership tasks, in dealing with resources as well as in clear thinking and problem solving. Passion Skills are personal goals and preferences for future employment. The consideration of the three skills enables the cross-functional and cross-disciplinary use of older people.The feedback of the involved end users as well as the potential operators of such Skills Assessments and mediation platforms was very positive. Valuable experience and hidden talents of older people are made visible with the software. This benefits older people and - if the potential is tapped - the economy and society as a whole. Due to the positive response, four project partners intend to market the solution.

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