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Barrieren und Förderfaktoren für Herzkreislauf-Training bei Bechterew-Betroffenen

At a glance


Studies show an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS/Bechterew), a severe inflammatory rheumatic disease. There is also strong evidence that intensive cardiovascular training (CVT) is effective and safe, i.e. feasible and not increasing disease activity in these patients. However, classic AS exercise classes, nationally and internationally, focus on spinal mobility exercised, but not on CVT. In the current study, the framework from Grol & Wensing for implementation of change is applied, performing the first two steps:

A) Analysis of the current clinical practice: instructors of AS exercise classes (physiotherapists, PTs) report their actual components of AS exercise classes.

B) Exploration and ranking of barriers and facilitators for the implementation of CVT among the most important stakeholders: in interviews with PTs and in group discussions with patients, potential barriers and facilitators will be explored. These barriers and facilitators are prioritized by PTs, patients, and rheumatologists in an online questionnaire survey.

Based on the results of this study, following the approach of Grol & Wensing), a national strategy for the implementation of CVT in AS exercise classes will be developed and realized.