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QuantumBasel and ZHAW School of Engineering join Forces for Quantum Machine Learning Research

QuantumBasel, the centre of competence for quantum computing and artificial intelligence, and the ZHAW School of Engineering are entering into a research partnership. The strategic collaboration focuses on cutting-edge research projects in the dynamic field of quantum machine learning.

Left: IBM Quantum Machine, Right: IonQ Quantumcomputer (Source: QuantumBasel)
Left: IBM Quantum Machine, Right: IonQ Quantumcomputer (Source: QuantumBasel)

QuantumBasel is the first neutral commercial quantum hub in Switzerland and brings together leading experts in quantum technology. QuantumBasel's strategic technology partnerships include IonQ and IBM Quantum Machines. The research collaboration provides the ZHAW School of Engineering with access to quantum hardware technologies and the opportunity to play a central role in the development of quantum solutions for machine learning. The aim of the partnership is to find practical solutions to complex business challenges through the development of innovative quantum algorithms. The focus is on anomaly detections and natural language processing, which are central to the evolution of industries worldwide. The quantum machine learning research at ZHAW’s School of Engineering is driven by Rudolf Füchslin, Pavel Sulimov and Kurt Stockinger

"The partnership with the ZHAW School of Engineering in the realms of quantum computing and machine learning is a testament of our strategy of supporting academic excellence. This collaboration is not just an investment in technology, but an investment in the bright minds that will shape our future," says Damir Bogdan, CEO of QuantumBasel.

Kurt Stockinger, Head of the Research Area Intelligent Information Systems at the ZHAW School of Engineering, adds: "The collaboration with QuantumBasel opens up exciting possibilities for our students and researchers to contribute to cutting-edge advancements in quantum machine learning."

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