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Outgoing: stays abroad

Enrich your studies and acquire international skills.

A stay abroad will give you the possibility to enrich your studies as well as your career and private life with a unique experience!

  • You learn about a foreign country, its culture and its people.
  • You acquire specific knowledge and improve your language skills.
  • You broaden your horizon and practice your skills in independence, flexibility, tolerance and intercultural communication.

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) provides transparent and accountable recognition for work completed and exams passed abroad.

Exchange options

Usually, ZHAW students complete their stays abroad at one of our European partner universities within the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP).  However, thanks to our bilateral agreements, stays outside of Europe are also possible. As a Free Mover, you can study at even more universities worldwide.
No matter if you would like to spend one or two semesters abroad or write your Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis in a foreign country – almost anything is possible!.
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⇒ Exchange options

Module «Interkulturelle Kompetenz»

This two-semester module is aimed at students who are planning a stay abroad or who want to prepare themselves for their later work in international companies. It consists of e-learning elements and six workshops. Course offerings and content were developed by an interdisciplinary team from the Department of Life Sciences and Facility Management. Depending on the course of study, you will receive 2 ECTS or a course confirmation upon successful completion of the module.
⇒ Further information (in German)


Three steps towards your stay abroad

Generally, stays abroad are possible from the 3rd semester onward, however, the specific conditions are determined by the individual ZHAW institutes. Please arrange an appointment with the academic specialist in your degree programme for a first consultation in order to find out more about the applicable rules.

Step 1: Consultation within the degree programmes

Degree programme Specialist advisers
Bachelor in Biotechnology Susanne Dombrowski
Bachelor in Chemistry Achim Ecker
Bachelor in Food Technology Melanie Hindermann
Bachelor in Facility Management Daniel von Felten
Bachelor in Natural Resource Sciences
Master in Environment and Natural Resources
Gloria Elena Rios P. Thalmann
Master in Life Sciences Registrar's Office Master Life Sciences

Step 2: Registration Mobility Online (ZHAW LSFM)

After a first consultation, the specialist advisers will directly contact the International Office (IO) in order to inform them about the outgoing students who meet the requirements for a stay abroad. The IO uses a tool called “Mobility Online” to coordinate all student mobilities. You will receive the registration link as well as all relevant information from the responsible coordinator.

Application deadline (ZHAW LSFM)

Step 3: Registration partner university

After having registered in the ZHAW LSFM’s Mobility Online, the IO will nominate you at your chosen partner university, where you will have to register again separately. More information on this will be shared by the responsible people from the partner university. Please note and adhere to the corresponding registration deadline!

IMPORTANT: Your stay abroad is not definitely confirmed until you are officially accepted by the partner university. The ZHAW LSFM’s confirmation alone is not enough and will not guarantee anything!