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Outgoing: stays abroad

Enrich your studies and acquire international skills.

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With a stay abroad you can enrich your studies with a unique experience. Your career will certainly benefit from the stay abroad, be it spending a semester there, doing an internship, or as part of your Bachelor's or Master's Thesis.

  • You learn about a foreign country, its culture and its people.
  • You acquire specific knowledge and improve your language skills.
  • You broaden your horizons and practice your skills in independence, flexibility, tolerance and intercultural communication.

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) provides transparent and accountable recognition for work completed and exams passed abroad.

Seven steps for organising an exchange semester

  1. Arrange an initial meeting with the expert adviser in your course programme.
  2. Register for an exchange semester via ZHAW «Mobility Online».
  3. You will be nominated by to the partner university by the IRO.
  4. Register with the partner university by its registration deadline.
  5. Organise your accommodation/insurance/visas/travel etc.
  6. Start your exchange semester in the host country.
  7. Complete the necessary final documentation via ZHAW «Mobility Online» so the IRO can complete the exchange.

Application deadlines

  • Autumn semester: 30 April
  • Spring semester: 31 October

ONLINE - application and leaflets (in German)

Expert advice

The following contact persons at the various institutes will be pleased to provide you with more information:

  • Biotechnology: Susanne Dombrowski, +41 58 934 57 58, susanne.dombrowski@zhaw.ch
  • Chemistry: Achim Ecker, +41 58 934 55 22, achim.ecker@zhaw.ch
  • Facility Management: Daniel von Felten, +41 58 934 58 30, daniel.vonfelten@zhaw.ch
  • Food Technology: Anja Schnyder, +41 58 934 50 65, anja.schnyder@zhaw.ch 
  • Natural Resource Sciences: Elena Rios Thalmann,  +41 58 934 55 93, elena.rios@zhaw.ch