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Ecohydrology Research Group

To avoid conflicts, the protection and sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems need - besides a detailed knowledge base - the integration of measures for flood protection, use of hydrodynamic power for energy production, and land use that supports biodiversity. Together with internal and external research institutions, private companies, policy makers and government agencies, the Ecohydrology Research Group investigates and develops base knowledge and solutions between science and practice.

Research foci

  • Structural and functional relations in freshwater ecosystems
  • Sustainable floodplain management 
  • Ecological restoration of flowing Waters
  • Renaturation of freshwater ecosystems


  • Spatial analysis and modelling with GIS, remote sensing and water quality measures
  • Development and application of indicators for the evaluation of eco-hydrological interventions 
  • Conception and implementation of efficiency controls and monitoring programs
  • Implementation and development of education and further education in areas of hydroecology and bioindication