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Centre for Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Product Development

«The discovery and development of novel treatment options for patients is our passion.»

Prof. Dr. Rainer Riedl, Head of centre

With our complementary key competencies we cover the entire value chain from drug discovery to medicinal chemistry optimization, the pharmacological testing and final drug formulation. This allows us to tackle complex research and development projects with the goal to generate innovative pharmaceutical products guided by high quality and documentation processes.

Research Groups / Sections

Structure-based de novo drug design (Section of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry; doi: 10.1002/cmdc.201402478).
Formulation of drugs into different dosage forms: capsules, metered-dose inhaler, coated tablets, granules, lyophilisate and emulsion (Section of Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmacology).
Modern Ultra High Performance Chromatography (UHPLC) coupled with in silico optimization in „Dry Lab®“ depicts our competence in rational development of valid QC methods (Section of Phytopharmacy and Natural Products).
Team of the Centre for Drug Discovery and Pharmacuetical Product Development.