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Centre for Biocatalysis, Environmental- and Process-Technology

«The development and implementation of enzymatic, catalytic and biotechnological processes and methods is our strength.»

Prof. Dr. Rebecca Buller, Head of Centre

The Centre for Biocatalysis and Process Technology develops methods and processes along the biotechnological value chain: Our experts identify and optimize enzymatic and metal-organic catalysts and carry out the technical and biotechnological implementation of industrial processes for the production of high-value substances.


The section Biocatalysis develops and optimizes enzymatic catalysts and processes for industrial applications.

Bioprocess Technology
The section Bioprocess Technology focuses on the optimization of bioprocesses for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, enzymes, biomaterials and other high-value compounds, as well as the development of improved strategies for process monitoring and control.

Biosystems Technology

The section Biosystems Technology is dedicated to the biotechnological production of high-value molecules and biomacromolecules using synthetic biology, enzyme cascade reactions up to the development of "cell factories".

The section Catalysis designs and synthesizes new and stable, as well as highly reactive transition-metal complexes for catalytic applications.

Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy
The section for Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy involved in both research and teaching from the fields of biotechnology, microbiology, environmental sciences and process engineering.

Biobased Resources
The section Biobased Resources develops processes for the production of biochemicals from renewable resources .

Competence Center Biocatalysis (CCBIO)
The Competence Center Biocatalysis promotes biocatalysis as a complementary method to classical synthesis and focuses on the knowledge transfer from the laboratory to the industrial production plant.