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Allow us to introduce: The HSB-Break-Disc

To ensure an efficient and fair use of study spaces during the exams, the Break-Disc will be usable by January 2024.

It allows you to occupy a study space during a (well-deserved) break for up to 1 hour / 60 minutes. This should reduce lengthy and/or unnecessary blocked study spaces.

Take a disc, take a break

  • Take a Break-Disc from the box located at the entrance. Set it to the current time when you leave your study space.
  • Your study space is now occupied for 1 hour / 60 minutes. As proof you can take a photograph of the set Break-Disc at your study space.
  • Study spaces without a set Break-Disc, or a run out one, can be cleared and taken by other people.
  • The Break-Disc may only be used if the study space is actually taken. Occupying study spaces with a Break-Disc for others is not allowed.
  • Please put your Break-Disc back into the box when you leave the study environment.

Fair play benefits all. Thank you for following the rules.

Worth mentioning

  • The Break-Disc does not ensure your personal belongings from theft. Please do not leave your valuables unattended. The library does not assume liability for stolen items.
  • Use the HSB-Service to store your things in a rented Caddy (study environment) or locker (basement). The receptionists on the ground floor will provide you with the necessary information.
  • The library also provides lockers for the day during opening hours. They can be used for a CHF 5.00 deposit.