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Added Value Digital Futures Lab

Member benefits

As members of the Digital Futures Lab (DFL), digital shapers have the following benefits:

The Digital Futures Fund

The Digital Futures Fund (DFF) is a funding programme aimed at all ZHAW employees who would like to develop or test an innovative idea relating to the digital transformation from the fields of education and research as well as from the areas of management and support. All project managers are automatically admitted to the DFL through their funded project; this provides them with a platform for more intense networking and exchanges with colleagues in connection with specific topics. The members of the DFL have the privilege of deciding on which project applications from the impact vessel receive financial support.


We ensure that work and achievements are seen. We continually present projects and individuals from the community on the DFL blog and ZHAW digital website. You can either provide us with your texts or we can send over our science writer, who will talk to you about your current project over a coffee and then prepare an article, press release or video about it.

Digital Shaper Award

The ZHAW presents the Digital Shaper Award every year. ZHAW staff and students can nominate community members whose contribution to the digital transformation or community building is outstanding. The prizes are an excursion financed by ZHAW digital and an entry in the Hall of Fame.