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Financial Advantages Digital Futures Lab

Which financial advantages come with a Digital Futures Lab membership?

ZHAW digital uses its financial means within ZHAW’s organizational units to create supportive conditions for digital transformation. This occurs on a project related base and partially through Digital Futures Fund calls. Everyone can participate, but to receive financial support, a Digital Futures Lab membership is required. This ensures members have information and access to funds to advance digitalization in a use-oriented way within ZHAW as well as externally.

Generally, calls happen once a year. They can be topic based and are available to all ZHAW employees. The allocation of funds is made exclusively to Digital Futures Lab members. This means that membership is required to be able to receive funds. In this way, no one is excluded from an allocation round, but at the same time it is ensured that funds are allocated within the context of the Digital Futures Lab and its network.

Digital Futures Lab members are included in the decision making process when allocating funds. In this way, they participate in assessing project proposals, thus shaping digital transformation within society as well as within ZHAW directly. When it comes to the assessment of their own project proposals, they withdraw from the debate.

Digital Futures Fund recipients are members of Digital Futures Lab and are therefore obligated to actively participate in this community.