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Design of an online expert system based on Bayes’ian Networks and its first market implementation

Use of artificial intelligence in a B2B market with high consulting costs

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On a scientific basis, an online expert system for the B2B business is being developed, which enables significant cost savings in the sales process and an increase in the quality of processing. Using the example of a highly fragmented niche market (promotional items), the new approach will be tested by taking into account the industry expertise of the implementation partner. A business intelligence will be developed, which can be extended to other sectors and markets with high consulting costs.The market for promotional products is an attractive niche market (CH: around 500 million CHF, D: 3.4 billion euros), which is occupied by a large number of providers with insufficiently trained sales staff. The typical sales process in this B2B market is based on a very inefficient personal consulting and sales process.The goal of this project is a dramatic reduction of transaction costs through state-of-the-art algorithms.

The novel Artifical Intelligence expert system is approaching more and more to expert knowledge through the collection of data. The operator of the new platform will thus gain a market advantage in a highly competitive market in Switzerland and Europe.

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