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Product-market fit for innovative seat cushions for wheelchair users from Reliyoo

At a glance


The startup “Reliyoo" has developed a revolutionary seating solution for pressure ulcer prevention. Pressure ulcers are a major problem for all people with limited sensitivity in the sitting area who have to sit in a wheelchair all the time, including paraplegics. Reliyoo's solution is a unique seat cushion that has been specially developed for this problem. The cushion can be used to relieve the different pressure zones without the user having to stand up. This is achieved by the cushion consisting of several smaller compartments that can be filled with air to varying degrees, so that the user's weight can be shifted to different areas.

The leap in innovation compared to conventional solutions is significant. However, translating the technical features into benefits and values for the various stakeholders is still a challenge, as the ecosystem is complex and the decision makers for reimbursement are difficult to identify, reach and convince, therefore, the help of ZHAW is required.