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Preliminary study for an innovative lift retrofit system for people with disabilities

At a glance


The company flexomobil ag was founded just a few months ago and builds on the decades of experience of Flexo-Handlauf GmbH.

Flexo-Handlauf GmbH has many years of experience in retrofitting handrails in detached houses and apartment blocks, and it has become clear that retrofitting stair lifts has disadvantages as well as advantages.

This gave rise to the idea and goal of developing and marketing a modular, retrofittable, individualised and yet cost-effective vertical lift system for disabled people living in detached houses and apartment blocks. This innovative concept enables impaired people to continue living in their familiar surroundings for longer and with self-determination.

The commonly known seat lifts are ultimately not a solution, as the lift often means that it is no longer possible to walk up and down stairs, meaning that the people who should be helped no longer have the daily "training through movement".

It is also important to flexomobil ag that the future system is produced in Switzerland.