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TCology - Thermo-Chemical Network Ecology

Case study and technology potentials

Thermochemical network with different terminal applications

At a glance


The research project TCology is addressing the novel topic of thermochemical networks (TCN) for heat and cold generation, distribution and storage and aims at identifying suitability and applicability to the Swiss context. In comparison to classical hydronic district heating and cooling networks (DHCN), TCNs show a great potential for higher energy efficiency in district heating and cooling and integration of renewables through lossless, long-term thermal energy storage at significantly larger storage densities compared to their sensible counterparts.

The project strives for the definition of a "network ecology", i.e. the ecosystem of TCNs, including various terminal applications for heating, cooling and dehumidification, exploring both, the technical as well as the socio-economic sphere. Specifically, the project aims at identifying major potentials of TCNs and understanding and defining conditions under which they are most competitive with reference to hydronic DHCNs.