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Monitoring Sustainability

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Embracing Sustainability is an overarching goal in ZHAW’s strategic leadership, research and education. We contribute to this goal by:

  1. building a richly annotated text corpus on Swiss sustainability discourse (defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals),
  2. giving access to the corpus for all ZHAW members and the public, and
  3. offering a monitoring tool for long- and short-term changes in sustainability discourse.

This will allow ZHAW strategic managers, researchers and students to identify keywords, controversies, influential voices and emerging trends in public communication. Monitoring Sustainability will be a valuable resource for the design and implementation of applied research projects on sustainability. The corpus will include a wide variety of societal actors, e.g., media, politics and industry.

We will built on Swiss-AL, a web corpus at ZHAW and its existing infrastructure. The monitoring tool will be accessible on our Swiss-AL workbench (

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