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Win.Lab – Strategierevision des Reallabors der Stadt Winterthur

At a glance


Winterthur wants to remain a progressive and efficient city in which infrastructures are closely networked with modern technologies and urban stakeholders - a Smart City (SC). To this end, the city council adopted the strategy on 14.3.2018, defined the programme organisation and decided to create a specialist unit. With WinLab, the city of Winterthur is also positioning itself as a living lab for innovation developments, including within the framework of Smart City Winterthur. The corresponding matchmaking process is to be defined. In the meantime, other concepts and strategies have been adopted or are being considered that affect the SC strategy (e.g. energy/climate concept EKK 2050, digital strategy). The SC strategy should therefore be revised in terms of both content (within the framework of the SFOE Front Runner Programme) and communication (layout). In terms of content, it should be examined how the SC strategy and the EKK 2050 could be more mutually beneficial. A procedural concept should show how the topics of "Smart Energy and Environment" can be further advanced on the basis of the SC organisation and better anchored in WinLab (with the involvement of various partners).

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