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Sustainable Multimodal Mobility in Toggenburg

At a glance


Project SUSMOBTOGG focuses on identifying sustainable mobility concepts for rural areas in Switzerland, with the example of Toggenburg as a case study. The overall aim is the reduction of private car usage and to foster multimodal, sustainable mobility, thereby increasing efficiency and decarbonising the system. The project will achieve this by identifying current sustainable mobility challenges and usage patterns in the area. Furthermore, user needs and reasons for current and future travel sce-narios, related to residents and tourists, will be analysed. Both sets of information provide the basis for identifying effective and sustainable future transport scenarios for the region, involving local institutions and mobility providers through a stakeholder process. Once promising mobility scenarios have been identified, SUSMOBTOGG will provide an analysis of suitable business models and financing mechanisms. Finally, the project proposes to support new mobility partnerships/schemes through the facilitation of a living lab process.