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Monitoring Sihlhölzlipark

At a glance

  • Project leader : Martin Wyttenbach
  • Deputy of project leader : Matthias Riesen
  • Project team : Nikolaos Bakogiannis, Jonathan Blank, Kirsten Edelkraut, Adrian Hochreutener, Daniel Sauter
  • Project budget : CHF 30'160
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Public sector (excl. federal government) (Stadt Zürich / Soziale Dienste / Soziokultur Kinder)
  • Project partner : Stadt Zürich / Soziale Dienste / Soziokultur Kinder, Urban Mobility Research
  • Contact person : Martin Wyttenbach


Monitoring Sihlhölzlipark is part of the project, which plans a new use for the old kiosk building in Sihlhölzlipark. The Socio-cultural Children's Department wants to bring the old kiosk back to life in spring 2021 and use it for socio-cultural activities, especially for children and families. The children's kiosk is to be a low-threshold meeting place and meeting place for children, young people and adults from the neighbourhood and will sell packaged food and drinks at reasonable prices on two afternoons per week from May to September. The aim of monitoring Sihlhölzlipark is to identify the uses and changes in perceptions of the park for three years. Further interested in whether the uses and frequencies of the park during the day and whether on days with kiosk operation the park is used by other persons is visited than on the other days. To this end, in summer/autumn 2020 the recording of the actual status can be started. In the year of the reopening of the kiosk (2021) and in the The surveys will be continued the following year for comparison purposes. For the monitoring both quantitative and qualitative methods are envisaged. The project is supported by a contribution from the innovation credit. This provides funding for innovative, new projects within the city administration secure start-up financing. The project runs until the end 2022.