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Digital Transfer Platform for COVID-19 Research

Platform: Example of distribution analysis

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The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic force researchers to identify and classify the many different events and developments during the crisis period within a short period of time in order to develop and work on targeted research questions on COVID-19. The data and digital tools of corpus and discourse linguistics provide various disciplines with fast and reliable insights into the dynamics of topics, actors and selected aspects such as public health, sustainability or public governance. In addition to media texts, the data include texts by actors from the fields of economics, politics and health, among others. In combination they form a comprehensively processed data collection on COVID-19.The project provides easy access to a digital data and analysis platform for research teams working on research questions about COVID-19 or its effects.  For this purpose, the already existing ORD platform will be adapted in a way that it can be used as a discourse-specific transfer platform for orientation and exploration. Starting in August 2020, the project team will offer workshops for researchers from all disciplines, enabling them to access research-relevant information using data-based and data-guided methods. The transfer platform will also strengthen the possibility of interdisciplinary cooperation for applicants, publishers and researchers, e.g. on social, political and health aspects.

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