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Immersive Stories of Energy Futures (ISTEF)

Image by jazilykenneth from Pixabay

At a glance


This project aims to highlight applied energy research from different departments in an immersive approach. The project "Immersive Stories of Energy Futures" (ISTEF) will enable decision-makers from energy policy and energy industry to engage with different development scenarios of energy futures and related communication challenges. An immersive virtual reality (VR) environment is being developed for this purpose. The VR environment is the result of three proven research activities in the field of energy at the ZHAW: the "Energy Pathway" development (SCCER CREST Visions Process, W, IIE), the modelling and analysis of energy discourses in Switzerland (L, IAM/IUED/ILC) and the communication of sustainable development through VR (T, INE). In a first step an applied prototype will be developed.

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