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Besuchermanagement im Regionalen Naturpark Beverin

At a glance


Leisure activities in nature enjoy great popularity in Switzerland. The Beverin Regional Nature Park (RNPB) in the canton of Graubünden is not exempt from this. While this is pleasing for regional development and value creation, for example, it can bring challenges for area management. The overall goal of the project described here is to enable outdoor sports in harmony with nature. To this end, a vision was developed with goals in the dimensions of ecology, economies, and social issues. A comprehensive monitoring system was then developed to provide objective data on visitor flows. Within the framework of this monitoring, various focal areas will be highlighted as examples during the duration of the project, but long series of measurements will also be collected to investigate trends. Further, areas with conflict potential are identified and measures are developed to minimize them. The effectiveness of the measures will be reviewed and adjusted where necessary. Finally, a visitor management concept summarizes the project activities and should be able to be used for the future sustainable and dynamic development of recreational use in the Beverin Regional Nature Park even after project completion.