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Success monitoring 2019 of the St.Moritz Ski World Championship

Conclusions from the environmental perspective

Warm-up station for the athletes and greening in front of the Piz Nair in St.Moritz

At a glance


As part of the 2017 Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz, various options for high altitude greening were applied to temporary and permanent buildings above 2000 metres above sea level. In a first comprehensive success control, these measures are now to be examined with regard to the success of the greening, integration into the landscape and natural value, and the interventions are to be balanced. On the one hand, this results in information for the further optimisation of construction projects in alpine terrain and for the pending publication of the VIB Guidelines for High-Level Greening (co-author). The results will be published in an overall report and in scientific articles.