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MyFoodChoice: Personal values for sustainable consumption

How is value-conscious consumption made possible?

At a glance

  • Project leader : Isabel Jaisli
  • Project team : Dr. Linda Burkhalter, Patricia Krayer, Ennio Mariani, Dr. Emilia Schmitt
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Internal
  • Project partner : WWF Schweiz
  • Contact person : Isabel Jaisli


Consumption decisions are personal and based on one's own preferences, possibilities and values. Everyone has his or her own consumer ethical values and ideas according to which he or she wishes to act. But are they being implemented?
A large proportion of Swiss people state that they also pay attention to sustainability in their purchasing decisions. However, this contradicts the actual rather small proportion of sustainable products in the shopping basket (Kamm et al., 2015). Labels and awareness-raising projects want to bring consumers more responsibility. However, the lack of product declarations and the overburdening of buyers with the flood of different labels make responsible consumption more difficult. In addition, advertising often has a very positively distorted image of (above all Swiss) agriculture.
Consumers often do not lack consumer-ethical values, but rather the opportunity to implement them in their purchases or to check them in concrete terms. Labels are increasingly criticised and various studies show that they do not (no longer) achieve their intended effect and increasingly lose their credibility (Moon et al., 2016). This is where our project should intervene.
The project aims at a further development of classical labels in the direction of an individualized purchase decision aid, which is based on the respective personal moral values.