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HTC Innovationscampus Rheinmühle - Pilotanlage zur Hydrothermalen Karbonisierung

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The aim of the project is the optimization of a plant utilizing the process hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) for the production of briquette bio-coal as well as the utilization of produced process-water. Each year, approx. 1000 m3 manure of a livestock farm, approx. 100 t sewage sludge from the ARA Chur should be processed. The HTC biocarbon is won as a storable feed fuel for gasification and combustion systems. The separated process water is to be used as a co-substrate in the biogas plant Halbmil. The pilot plant is intended to show a power- and heat-generating processing pathway for manure and sewage sludge in Switzerland, leading to its industrial development. The optimization of the individual process steps is scientifically monitored and documented.


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