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FERMI - Metallic interconnector and protection layer for SOFC systems

Ferritic MIC and protection layer after 1000 h operation.

At a glance

  • Project leader : Dr. Andre Heel
  • Deputy of project leader : Dr. Dariusz Artur Burnat
  • Project team : Dr. Felix Fleischhauer, Dr. Lorenz Holzer
  • Project status : completed
  • Funding partner : Federal government (Bundesamt für Energie BFE / Projekt Nr. SI/500084-05)
  • Project partner : Hexis AG


The main objective of this project is to explore novel effective corrosion protection and barrier layer concepts on base of spinel-based nanostructured materials and to establish one of these on the designated new metallic interconnect (MIC) material. The material combination of MIC and protection layer has to withstand SOFC typical operation conditions of 900°C, high humindity and electrochemical conditions. The protection layer needs to:

  • reduce “intrinsic” chromium evaporation rate  
  • reduce the chromium Evaporation
  • minimize the resistance increase by avoiding a thick and non-conductive Cr2O3 layer