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Evaluation of Stakeholder-Collaboration in Developing an eGovernmant Application

At a glance


The project eUmzugCH is a national strategic project of the priority plan of eGovernment Switzerland. The aim of the project is the electronic notification and handling of removals. The canton of Zurich has played a pioneering role in the project. At the cantonal level, the electronic relocation has already been implemented.

The aim of the project is to evaluate cooperation at eUmzugZH and thus to be able to derive statements about promising processes, processes and structures for further upcoming eGovernment projects. Specifically, the following questions were answered:

• How is the cooperation in the project evaluated?
• How does the cooperation affect the success of the project?
• What factors influence collaboration?

In order to answer the questions, the relevant literature was worked up in a first step and, based on this, an impact model for a successful project cooperation was developed. The impact model and the hypotheses derived from it were then subjected to an empirical review. This is based on a quantitative survey of project participants as well as on qualitative interviews with members of the steering group and various participant groups.