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Annual Capacity and Performance Assessment of Kenian County Governments

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The Republic of Kenya developed a National Capacity Building Framework in 2013 to guide the implementation of its capacity building support for county governments as part of the Kenya Devolution Support Program. For fund allocation purpose and progress tracking an Annual Capacity and Performance Assessment (ACPA) was intended to be implemented.
Through a competitive procurement process the Ministry of Devolution and Planning com-missioned the consortium consisting of Matengo Githae & Associates (MGA), KCA University and Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) with the first-time implementation of the ACPA. In consideration of the financial consequences of the assessment results, high attention was given to quality, which was assured by a double loop review approach consisting of an internal and an external review. The latter was performed by ZHAW in the role of an inter-national scientific advisor and quality assurer. In that capacity ZHAW contributed to the ob-jectivity and uniformity of the ACPA county reports and critically assessed the documentation and evidence basis presented by the MGA assessor teams. Out of this reviewing activity ZHAW gained valuable insights on the project as a whole, which are summarized in an QA-report.