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Evaluation Familystart Zurich

Evaluation of the services of the association and the resulting added value for the stakeholders

At a glance


Familystart Zurich is a non-profit association which was established in May 2015. The association promotes a needs-based support of midwives for families and new-borns. Familystart uses its resources for the arrangement of postpartum care, for promoting a healthy start in life for new-borns and their families, for the efficient use of resources of all members and for the youth development of midwives. The services of Familystart Zurich include a guarantee for the arrangement and provision of postpartum care for women who leave the hospital after having given birth and it also includes a 24 hour telephone service for families. The evaluations of these services and of the added value are relevant for a long-term, fair and optimised collaboration with all important stakeholders.

The aim of the evaluation is the assessment of the qualitative and quantitative services, the compliance of the guaranteed supply for families, the economic utility of the services, care related aspects especially of vulnerable families and the satisfaction of the midwives. In order to achieve this aim, quantitative and qualitative assessment and analysis methods will be applied. A health economic evaluation will assess the potential economic added value of Familystart Zurich.

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