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Facility Management & BIM in Hospitals

How BIM positively influences FM's strategic services and enables FM-compliant planning decisions

At a glance


The digital transformation will also include facility management in the coming years. This change will have positive consequences in the sense of a revaluation of FM; however, only if the FM industry does not follow the digital transformation for its own business one to one, but rather comprehend it, in order to be on an "eye level" with the core businesses / processes. By taking over secondary and tertiary processes, FM moves very close or (still) closer to the customer's core business, i. e. to the actual corporate performance. This requires enormous changes on both sides. Processes must be rethought, communication structures analysed and optimized. The need for digital transformation weighs even more heavily on the whole of FM and the construction and real estate sector than in other sectors, as change is being heralded late or has yet to begin.The current developments in digital planning, construction and operation (Building Information Modeling - BIM) in the hospital sector can be used as an example from the subject area "FM digital" at IFM. The integral planning approach is the focal point here, i. e. the involvement of all stakeholders, thus also the future users and operators of a hospital.