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The network based solution for collaborative future care

At a glance


FairCare intends to improve the coordination of formal and informal care and to bring together supply and demand for care for the elderly. In Switzerland, there is a large number of private and public service providers offering a wide range of services for the elderly in need. However, it is difficult to find one's way through the jungle of services, as Switzerland's national healthcare landscape is becoming ever larger and more complex. In addition, the information about the various service providers is predominantly paper-based (brochures). This makes counselling in coordination offices complicated and the offers less transparent for those in need. The analysis of the potential user group of the FairCare platform has shown that an overview of all care services in a region or community is desirable. Based on the findings of the project, the Swiss business partner Alpnet Engineering AG has in the meantime further developed the project prototype into a marketable product ("Senior Service Platform").In Switzerland, the Seniors Service Platform serves as a guide for older people and their relatives and provides a better overview of the care services offered. The platform makes general information and offers on (care) services transparent for the municipalities and for those in need of care and their relatives. Professional associations such as community representatives are supported in their daily work in advising older people or their relatives in care. The platform serves as a support and advisory tool for the coordinators appointed by the regional communities. Possible carriers of the platform are communities or networks. One of the basic ideas of the Senior Service Platform is that people in need of care or their relatives can search for services that meet their needs. There are three different search mechanisms: explicit search (traditional keyword search, comparable to web search), browsing and situation assessment. With browsing, suitable services are found in which the user clicks through categories. The Situation Assessment supports the persons in their assessment of their situation and proposes services based on this.

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