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Master Research Unit Biodiversity and Ecosystems for MSc Environment and Natural Resources

Stand up for the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems! With a focus on Biodiversity and Ecosystems, you are committed to improving the quality of life for both people and nature.

Progressive species decline and the silent disappearance of ecosystems make it necessary to persistently work on upgrading and protection concepts. The focus is on terrestrial and aquatic systems. Regional, sustainable solutions for urban and rural areas are in demand. Work with us to create a natural environment worth living in!


As a Master of Science ZFH in Environment and Natural Resources with a focus on Biodiversity and Ecosystems, you   

Course content

In this specialisation, you will learn about scientific methods for recording and assessing biodiversity. The focus is on regional ecosystems in settlement areas and in rural areas.

You will consider the following questions throughout your studies:

Master's Studio

In the Master's Studio, you specialise in the thematic field of your research group. You benefit from our network in industry and research, and have the opportunity to carry out projects abroad with industry partners in the field.

As part of the Master's thesis, you develop your own ideas and concepts for solving scientific challenges. This enables you to tackle complex issues independently in your subsequent professional occupation.

Research groups

The central aspect of your Master's degree is your participation in your chosen research group. This individual specialisation makes up half of the degree's programme and gives you in-depth insights into research and development work. In this way, you already build up a professional network during your studies.

Monitoring and promotion of biodiversity

Ecology and quality of life in urban areas

Interdisciplinary fields of ecosystem research