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Society needs actors who act competently and responsibly, generate and exchange knowledge in networks - and recognize cultural diversity as added value.

Internationality is a distinguishing and quality feature of the ZHAW. Together, we create the conditions to exploit the creative potential in the internationalization of the range of courses offered. The ZHAW promotes the international and intercultural skills of its employees and students and thus contributes to sustainable social, economic, technological and ecological development. Always with the aim of broadening horizons and thus further developing the competencies of those involved and forming personalities.

Our competences

Attractive courses for incoming and outgoing students

Intercultural competencies, foreign language skills and cosmopolitanism - are indispensable for effective cooperation in multinational teams and successful dealings with foreign customers. The International Office promotes these skills and is the hub for the organisation and administration of student exchanges worldwide.

⇒ Outgoing: from Switzerland to abroad
⇒ Incoming: from abroad to Switzerland

Strategic and international partnerships in Europe and worldwide

With a network of over 90 partner universities in 48 countries, the ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management has an excellent network of academic partners worldwide. This network helps us to promote international cooperation for students, lecturers and employees.

⇒ Exchange programmes
⇒ Partner universities

Internationalization in teaching and research

The ZHAW supports cooperation with international partner universities in teaching continuing education, research and services. This contributes to sustainable social, economic and technological development by nurturing the international and intercultural skills of its employees and students.

⇒ Partner universities
⇒ Exchange programmes
⇒ Staff mobility

Focus on Europe

Through its strong European and global partnerships, the ZHAW also supports the positioning of its local, regional and national economic partners in Europe and around the world.
(Source: Higher Education Strategy ZHAW15)

⇒ Cooperations
⇒ Double Degree programmes


Carefully selected and cultivated partnerships form the basis for both knowledge sharing and cooperation in education and training in order to provide appropriate services and progress in research and development.

Exchange programmes

Partner universities: studying abroad

Over 90 partner universities in Europe accept our students as guests. All of them also have offers for staff mobility. In the rest of the world, you apply as a free mover for a guest study program at your university of choice.

Swiss Programme for Erasmus+

An exchange within the Swiss-European Mobility Programme SEMP is possible at all universities of applied sciences and universities with which the Department of Life Sciences and Facility Management - Erasmus Code ZHAW (CH WINTERT03) - has signed a Bilateral Agreement. The list is constantly changing. Which university you can visit depends on your study programme.

International Team

Head of Strategic Projects and International Relations

International Office

The International Office advises you on topics related to student and employee mobility. In addition, the IO coordinates and administers all exchange processes (office hours: Monday-Thursday). You can contact the specialist advisors for advice on specific courses of study, which includes, for example, study planning and performance accounting.

Nadine Jacomet

Student Exchange Coordinator, Incoming

+41 (0) 58 934 51 63

Specialist advice within the degree programmes

Bachelor in Biotechnology
Master of Science in Life Sciences - Specialisation Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Susanne Dombrowski

+41 (0) 58 934 57 58 

Bachelor in Chemistry
Master of Science in Life Sciences - Specialisation Chemistry for the Life Siences

Prof. Dr. Achim Ecker

+41 (0) 58 934 55 22

Bachelor in Real Estate and Facility Management
Master of Science in Real Estate and Facility Management

Daniel von Felten

+41 (0) 58 934 58 30

Bachelor in Food Technology
Master of Science in Life Sciences -  Specialisation Food and Beverage Innovation

Anja Schnyder

+41 (0) 58 934 50 65

Bachelor in Natural Resource Sciences
Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources

Gloria Elena Rios P.Thalmann

+41 (0) 58 934 55 93