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Language services

English communication assistance for LSFM staff

The Department Transversalis (ATV) provides proof-reading and translation services for employees working with English texts (e.g. scientific articles and papers, websites, presentations and posters).

Useful links for writing

Link Provider
Scientific writing guide An online guide to scientific publication
Online writing lab (OWL) Online writing clinic
Letter writing guide Tips for writing business letters
University of Bristol style guide Punctuation, quotes, figures and more!
Plain English Guide to crystal-clear communication
ZHAW terminology The ZHAW terminology database

Further links

Link Description
BBC Wordmaster Fun but challenging quiz game
A word a day Improve your vocabulary with a word a day
One-Word-A-Day One word each weekday from the international press
Scientific American Just one of the many scientific publications online
ZHAW English link site Our very own collection of English links