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Take a closer look - INSIDE PREFS

In this portrait, our student Giulia Zumstein tells us why Instagram brought her to the MSc PREFS and why she is now in the happiest position she has ever been.

“Cooking and food scouting has always been a passion for me. If someone would have told my 15-year-old self during her apprentice in banking, that she would end up working and studying in the food sector, I would have not believed it. Luckily, coincidences like this happen and align the development path where passion and interest merge. It was an Instagram ad for the MSc PREFS, two weeks prior the application deadline, which was to herald my career change. I did not understand a lot about this very specific title, but it somehow appealed to me. In retrospect, I must admit, that my gut-feeling led me right! I applied for this master’s although I had an interesting full-time job in innovation consulting. The admission had turned my very organised life upside down. I left my beloved flat and moved into a shared flat in Zurich, reduced my job to a 50% workload and switched my evening readings to food technology and environmental papers whereof I did not understand a single word in the beginning.

Now, two years later after almost finishing this program, I find myself in the happiest position I have ever been. I made 6 new, very close friends, work in the food sector, am a co-host of a food-podcast, brewed my own alpine herb beer, have my own sourdough starter at home and with every day I’m coming closer to my very big goal of making this planet a better place.

Tough, the journey was not easy. Understanding the characteristics of a complex system with many challenges that affect the health of us humans and the planet is a mentally but also cognitively demanding load. The food system relates to the biggest questions of humanity. How will we feed the growing population? How can we reduce modern diseases? How can we stop climate warming? Which diet is ethically and morally acceptable? The potential of a just and regenerative food system is immense, so is the transformation of all stakeholders to get there. And the thing is, it affects every one of us, several times a day, whenever we eat. Food is a universal love language, it connects, it comforts, it nourishes, and it carries traditions and cultures across borders and generations.

From my perspective, the food sector is different from any other because every person is somehow involved in it. And I am more than happy to be engaged in it on and off the job, thanks to the MSc PREFS!”

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