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Enzymatic PET Degradation

"Enzymatic PET Degradation" a review article by Athena Papadopoulou, Katrin Hecht and Rebecca Buller is part of special issue on Green and Sustainable Chemistry (Chimia 73 (2019) 743–749).

Plastic has become an indispensable material of our everyday life.  Increased production and use of plastic, however, results in the accumulation of plastic waste resulting in an increasing burden on the environment. Recently, PET degrading enzymes have been identified. In our review, we analyze the current knowledge on enzymatic PET degradation and discusses approaches for improving the enzymes involved by means of protein engineering. In future, plastic degrading enzymes may play a role in sustainable plastic waste management and for the realization of a circular plastic economy.

Chimia 73 (2019) 743-749