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Congratulations to our BSc student Nicolas Imstepf for finishing second at the toolpoint Lab Sciences Award 2021

Nicolas Imstepf was winning the second prize for his Bachlor of Science thesis «Bioinformatische Identifikation neuer Halogenasen».

Nicholas used a combination of semi-automatic literature search for halogenated metabolites and genome analysis of the organisms involved to identify new halogenases. Special attention was paid to substrates that do not fall within the substrate spectrum of known halogenases.  The method was validated with known enzymes. Using this identification strategy, previously unknown potential halogenases could be assigned to possible substrates.

The regio- and stereoselective halogenation of low molecular weight compounds is of great value to the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. However, the derivatization of non-activated C-H bonds is often a challenge for existing organic chemical methods, in particular in industrial production. Therefore, identification of new halogenases, biocatalysts that allow the regio- and stereoselective halogenation of low molecular weight compounds, is therefore of both academic and industrial interest.

Further information

Nicolas Imstepf (BSc) Bioinformatische Identifikation neuer Halogenasen Abstract (PDF 71,2 KB)