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Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Research Group

The production of pyoverdines by ten different Pseudomonas strains (Picture: J. Meyer).
Laboratory analysis of a soil probe

About us

The Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Research Group uses molecular biological techniques to decode processes in living organisms. This involves not only identifying the function of the genes of an organism (genomics), but also gene expression analysis (transcriptomics), investigating all the proteins present in a cell at a particular time (proteomics) and analysing complex systems where many organisms coexist side by side, for example the soil (metagenomics). The Research Group develops molecular biological tools for field-based diagnostics, which can identify pathogens accurately and at an early stage in order to develop sustainable control strategies. Close cooperation with key industry and research partners at national and international level ensures that our research is always geared towards real-life applications.

Research interests