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Agricultural and Resource Economics Research Group

Evaluating productivity and sustainability in food supply chains

The Agricultural and Resource Economics Research Group evaluates agricultural and development policy instruments, programmes and projects and appraises their economic and social impact. The research group applies quantitative approaches of socio-economic research for modelling production systems, value chains and market interactions to provide targeted and effective solutions to critical issues in agricultural and development policy. The group aims to support decision-makers from policy, industry and civil society in planning and implementing strategic decisions.

Research areas

  • Productivity and Sustainability in Food Supply Chains
  • Global and regional food value chains
  • Economics of Climate Change and Risk Management
  • Rural Finance, Firm Investment and Innovations

Our competencies

  • Evaluating the impact of policies, programmes and projects
  • Assessing potential for socio-economic upgrading in global and regional value chains
  • Appraising the effectiveness of agricultural innovation systems
  • Climate change impact assessment; risk analysis and management
  • Benchmarking of industry best practices, feasibility studies and multi-stakeholder analyses in agri-food-systems