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Geoinformatics Research Group

TheGeoinformatics Research Group focuses on the development, application and validation of innovative methods for processing and analysing spatiotemporal data on topics relating to the environment and natural resources. As a centre of excellence for industry-focused approaches to data, software and infrastructure, the Group provides solutions-based and customer-focused advice on the planning and implementation of geoinformatics projects.

Research interests

  • Spatiotemporal GIS for ecological monitoring
  • Drone-based close-range remote sensing for ecological monitoring
  • Computational movement analysis
  • Spatial multicriteria analysis
  • Geomorphological analysis using geoinformatics techniques


  • Collection of geodata (mobile GIS, drone-based close-range remote sensing)
  • Design and maintenance of geodatabases and infrastructures
  •  Spatial analysis (suitability and multicriteria analysis, location analysis)
  • Programming and scripting for spatial analysis
  •  Cartography and geovisualisation