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Nutrition Research

Eating, drinking & knowledge about nutrition.

The Nutritional Research Unit of the Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation deals with various research questions relating to the topic of food and drink:

The aim is to use appropriate methods to investigate the nutritional needs of different population groups, which leads to the development of target group-specific food and nutrition concepts across the entire value chain.

Switzerland is likely to face many challenges in the future, such as demographic change and shifts in consumer demand. Knowledge of the relationship between nutrition and health will become increasingly important.

Focus on Research and Services

Dietary Surveys and Epidemiology

  • development of dietary survey tools for various studies (e.g. food frequency questionnaires; estimation and weighing protocols)
  • use of different survey methods and techniques for quantitative and qualitative studies
  • nutrition in old age: senior citizen panels

Composition and Nutritional Profile of Foodstuffs

  • evaluation of changes in nutritional value along the value chain
  • optimization of product composition

Nutritional Concepts

  • development of food products to meet the needs of multiple target groups
  • investigation of the suitability and handling of food in various settings

Sustainable Nutrition 

  • assessment and promotion of sustainable nutrition in gastronomy and private households

 Public Health Nutrition

  • health promotion activities aimed at different population groups

Our Network

At the Nutritional Research Unit, we have the necessary experience to carry out application-oriented research and development projects, and service contracts.

Our extensive knowledge comes from our network of national and international partner institutions:

Agroscope - Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office - Public Health Schweiz - Fachgruppe Ernährung - Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Ernährung - Swiss Food Composition Database - Swiss Society of Food Science and TechnologyFederal Ministry of Food and AgricultureDeutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung - The Austrian Nutrition Society - Codex alimentarius, FAO/WHO Food Standards - US Department of Agriculture - US Department of Agriculture, Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion