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Successful international workshop on Service Centricity, organised by the Institute of Facility Management

25 international managers from ISS A/S, a global service provider for Facility Management, successfully complete a one-day workshop on Service Centricity under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christian Coenen.

As part of ISS's global leadership development programme, around 25 of the corporation's executives from 17 countries travelled in September to the ZHAW in Wädenswil. The IFM at the ZHAW had invited the participants to a one-day intensive workshop on "Service Centricity".
During the workshop, the participants deepened their understanding of current findings from the field of Services Management through lectures, discussions, case studies, videos and group tasks. In the process, it became clear that achieving an appropriate balance between the management approaches of Customer Experience Management and Service Centricity offers a promising solution in the struggle for multidimensional customer goodwill (from clients, customers and users) in Facility Management.

For more information on the topic please contact Prof. Dr. Christian Coenen,