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Section of Industrial Chemistry

When selecting the appropriate system or developing new products and processes, we can fully support you with our many years of chemical and industrial experience and a modern infrastructure and networks.


Process Analytical Technologies

By using inline process analytical technologies, individual process steps can be monitored, deviations quickly detected and process understanding gained. We can support you with a wide range of analytical and evaluation methods (chemometrics), both in the selection of a suitable measuring system and in its implementation on a production scale.

Process Development

With the help of extensive equipment, ranging from automated microreactor systems and laboratory reactors (100 mL to 15 L) to autoclaves, agitated ball mills and dryers, we are able to develop a wide variety of processes. Due to the experience of our team in the fields of industrial chemical development, production and process safety, we can support you from the idea to the realisation of your optimisation or scale-up projects.

Green Chemistry

We always look at our projects from the various perspectives of green chemistry and thus pursue a holistic approach to the development and optimisation of processes. This ranges from the use of renewable raw materials and biocatalysis to the inline monitoring of production processes. The complete life cycle of the products is taken into account (circular economy).


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