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Centre for Biochemistry and Bioanalytics

Leiterin der Fachstelle Biochemie und Bioanalytik, Christiane Zaborosch

“Proteins are building blocks of life - their structures and manifold functions and their use as drugs are fascinating.”

Prof. Dr. Christiane Zaborosch, Head of Centre

The core competencies at the Centre for Biochemistry and Bioanalytics, headed by Prof. Dr. Christiane Zaborosch are recombinant protein technology, downstream processing, protein engineering, bioanalytics and bioinformatics.


From left to right: Purification of a protein with a preparative chromatography system; Crystal structure of a scFv fragment (violet) which binds to interleukin 1β (green), pdb 2KH2 visualized with "The PyMOL Molecular Graphics System, Version 2.3.2 Schrödinger, LLC"; Sensorgram of a surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy measurement for interaction analysis