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Business services in Life Sciences and Facility Management

Our diverse and varied services are waiting for you.

The legal mandate of Switzerland’s universities of applied science covers not only teaching and research but also the provision of services, and our diverse and varied services are targeted both at companies and organisations as a whole and at managerial staff, individual employees and the general public.

The School of Life Sciences and Facility Management provides competent support for its partners in the industrial, commercial and service sectors that wish to launch new products or expand their expertise and infrastructure.

Our services and advice are tailored to your needs, and we draw on established scientific findings to help you solve complex problems. Our extensive subject knowledge and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities are at your disposal for the purpose of research, tests, expert appraisals, simulations, measurements, training courses, etc.

We take an efficient and innovative approach to solving everyday business problems.

Types of cooperation

Training the scientists of the future (MINT)

Many of the industries of the future – such as medical engineering, energy, IT and biotechnology – will be MINT-related (Maths, IT, Natural sciences and Technology). Our services are aimed at getting children and young people interested in science at an early age and at promoting a positive attitude to technical progress in general and technical professions in particular.