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Dr. Lukas Keller

Dr. Lukas Keller

Dr. Lukas Keller

ZHAW School of Engineering
ICP Multiphysics Modeling and Imaging
Technikumstrasse 71
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 77 78



Articles in scientific journal, peer-reviewed
Other publications

Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

L. M. Keller & M. K. D. Stipp (2011). Crystal preferred orientations of sheared quartz aggregates: a new
comparison between nature and numerical simulations. Journal of structural geology, 33, 1491-1500.

L. M. Keller, L. Holzer, R. Wepf & P. Gasser (2011). 3D geometry and topology of pore pathways in Opalinus clay: Implications for mass transport. Applied Clay Sciences, 52, 85-95.

L. M. Keller, L. C. Götze, E. Rybacki & R. Abart (2010). Enhancement of solid-state reaction rates by non-
hydrostatic stress effects on polycrystalline diffusion kinetics. American Mineralogist, 95, 1399-1407.

L. C. Götze, R. Abart, E. Rybacki, L. M. Keller, E. Petrishcheva & G. Dresen (2010). Reaction rim growth in the
System MgO - Al2O3 - SiO2 under uniaxial stress. Mineralogy and Petrology, 99, 263-277.

J. Prenzle, R. Abart & L. M. Keller (2009). Complex chemical zoning in eclogite facies garnet reaction rims: the
role of grain boundary diffusion. Mineralogy and Petrology, 95, 303-313.

L. M. Keller, B. Wunder, D. Rhede & R. Wirth (2008). Component mobility at 900°C and 18 kbar from
experimentally grown coronas in a natural gabbro. Geochimica Cosmochmica Acta, 72, 4307-4322.

L. M. Keller, R. Wirth, D. Rhede, K. Kunze & R. Abart (2008). Asymetrically zoned reaction rims: assessment of
grain boundary diffusivities and growth rates related to natural diffusion controlled mineral reactions.
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 26, 99-120.

L. M. Keller, C. A. Hauzenberger & R. Abart (2007). Interphase boundary diffusion rates and their effect on
retrograde zoning patterns of metamorphic minerals. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 154, 205-216.

L. M. Keller, R. Abart, R. Wirth, D. Schmid & K. Kunze (2006). Enhanced mass transfer through short circuit
diffusion: growth of garnet reaction rims at eclogite facies conditions. American Mineralogist, 91, 1024-1038.

L. M. Keller, B. Fügenschuh, M. Hess, B. Schneider & S. M. Schmid (2006). The Simplon fault zone in the
Western Alps: The mechanism of neogene faulting and folding revisited. Geology, 34, 317-320.

L. M. Keller, R. Abart & C. De Capitani (2005). Phase relations and chemical composition of phengite and
paragonite in pelitic schists during decompression: A case study from Monte Rosa nappe and Camughera – Moncuccounit, Western Alps. Journal of Petrology, 46, 2145-2166.

L. M. Keller, C. De Capitani & R. Abart (2005). A quaternary solution model for white micas based on natural
coexisting phengite-paragonite pairs. Journal of Petrology, 46, 2129-2144.

L. M. Keller, M. Hess, B. Fügenschuh & S. M. Schmid (2005). Structural and metamorphic evolution of the
Camughera-Mocucco and the Monte Rosa units southwest of the Simplon line. Eclogae geol. Helv.
(Swiss journal of Geosciences), 98, 19-49.

L. M. Keller, R. Abart, H. Stünitz & C. De Capitani (2004). Deformation, mass transfer and mineral reactions in an eclogite facies shear zone in a polymetamorphic metapelite (Monte Rosa nappe, western Alps).
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 22, 97-118.