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Admission of students from Ukrainian universities as visiting students at the ZHAW

ZHAW statement on Russia's war against Ukraine

The ZHAW shares the position of the Swiss Federal Council and strongly condemns the military intervention and massive violation of international law by Russia. This crisis affects not only Russia and Ukraine but all of Europe and calls into question the peace in Europe that has become established over the past few decades. The consequences for international security and cooperation can hardly be foreseen at this point in time.

The ZHAW joins swissuniversities in calling on European governments to take immediate action to protect Ukrainian university staff, students, researchers, civil society and the entire Ukrainian population. Swiss universities will work together to admit lecturers, researchers and students from Ukrainian universities.

Furthermore, the ZHAW follows the recommendation of swissuniversities to examine and suspend cooperations with universities in Russia if they serve to support the Russian government's war policy. The ZHAW will support institutions as well as researchers and students in Russia who are suffering from the current situation and who stand up for European values as far as it can.

The thoughts of all of us at the ZHAW are with the families of the victims. Our sympathy and solidarity go out to the people of Ukraine.

Support for students of Ukrainian universities

It is a matter of great importance to the ZHAW that it supports students of Ukrainian universities who have been affected by the war so that they can continue or supplement their studies. The ZHAW has therefore been admitting students from Ukrainian universities who have fled to Switzerland (i.e. students who are already in Switzerland) and have been granted protection status S by the competent authorities, allowing them to join a current semester on a temporary basis during the spring semester 2022 and autumn semester 2022/23.

The application period for the current autumn semester 2022/23 is closed. Information about the opening of the application period for the spring semester 2023 will be announced on this web page.

Please visit this web page regularly for more information.